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DESIGNED TO MAKE YOU FLYFire 2.0 is the perfect ally for any competition and daily training. Designed by engineers for athletes to maximize their speed and efficiency at double unders.

THE LIGHTEST HANDLESA blend of high quality aluminium and top engineering to produce the most resistant and lightest jump rope handles.

ADJUSTABLE TO YOUR HEIGHT EASILYThe adjust key extended into the base of the Fire 2.0 Jump Rope allows to adjust the length of the cable to the height of any athlete, anytimeand anywhere.

ERGONOMIC DESIGNMaximal efficiency thanks to a perfect grip. The combination of handle length and diameter change creates a perfect grip that fits comfortably in your hand.

DESIGNED FOR COMPETINGUsed by hundreds of international competitors daily. TRAIN NON-STOPThe fast rotating bearings combined with a cable at a 90º degree angle prevents your Jump Rope from entangling and allows you to train without interruptions.

A FREE FITNESS COACHFire 2.0 includes an iOS/Android training app. Access Hundreds of Work Outs, Movement Tips, Free Video Tutorials and Specific Fitness Goals Programs. This App Is designed to help you Crush Your Goals In No Time!


Fire 2.0 Competition Jump Rope includes:
+ 2mm cable
+ Weights pack: 2 x 25 g + 2 x 50 g + 2 x 100 g
+ A carry bag for the jump rope

VELITES Fire 2.0 Jump Rope Pack

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