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  • ERGOFIT - The shape of the human body is complex with intricate detail and function. The design of our pack includes the same care that ensures there are no impediments to the biomechanics of the human body for precise movement, contact and weight distribution.
  • Pocket and distributed weight on the go - The pack is built with efficiency in mind, designed to give you access to all essential components on the go with little energy spent. Waist packs are designed with a 2/3 to 1/3 weight ratio, providing greater stability with less strain and balancing the weight naturally. Lower load placement provides a better center of gravity and efficiency in technical terrain.
  • ULTRACOOL LIGHTWEIGHT MESH - This stretchy mono mesh stays ultra-light during long, hot efforts. Breathable yet durable, this net's build quality adds flexibility to your pack without sacrificing weight.
  • MAX02 STERNUM - Max02 Sternum is a shock cord retention system that helps create a comfortable and natural breathing pattern while also keeping the pack secure. The shock cord allows for outward flex and 100% rebound, keeping the pack snug against your body or fully loaded without restricting movement. Liquid Capacity 4 x 550 ml Ultra Bottle (Sold separately).
  • DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT FABRICS - Materials are selected for high strength to weight ratio and are deliberately placed and manufactured for maximum durability. Abrasion-resistant fabrics withstand terrain contact areas. Reinforced panels are strategically placed at high stress points.

Ultraspire Momentum 2.0

庫存單位: ULT-UA123BKMD
HK$850.00 一般價格
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