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超輕便,每次都保證無擦傷 重量不到40克 - 世界上最輕的全腿跑步內衣 由跑步者設計-大腿內側無接縫,縫線超級光滑 高度透氣和排汗,讓您保持涼爽乾燥 全天候舒適的3D拉伸 避免擦傷及滿意保證 85gsm意大利混合物-90%聚酰胺/ 10%彈性纖維 高性能腰帶和6英寸提供全腿保護 85gsm意大利混合物-90%聚酰胺/ 10%彈性纖維


World‘s lightest full-leg running underwear at under 35 grams Designed by female runners for a comfortable gender-specific fit No chafing or your money back - 5“ inseam for full leg protection and no inner thigh seam Stay comfy all day long - fitted 3D stretch and highly breathable Elastic leg seams help prevent riding up* Reverse merrow stitching for a ”barely there“ seam feel 85gsm Italian blend - 90% polyamide / 10% elastane

T8 Women’s Commandos 運動抗磨快乾內褲

價格自 HK$128.00
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