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使用 T8 dual fabric Iced Tees 跑步十分清涼。超輕的 37.5®️ 面料由汗水蒸氣觸發,為炎熱天氣下跑步提供冷感,而超彈力側幅提供令人難以置信的透氣性和舒適性。


1. 採用 37.5®️ 冷卻技術的超輕 90gsm 面料

2. 拉伸網面,自由移動和新鮮空氣流動

3. 薄型平鎖接縫可最大限度地減少擦傷

4. 反光元素幫助您在夜間安全地運動

5. 成分:91% Cocona White / 9% 聚酯纖維


Run cool with our dual fabric Iced Tees. The super lightweight 37.5®️ fabric is triggered by sweat vapor to provide the ultimate cooling for hot weather running, while the hyper stretch side panels offer incredible ventilation and comfort. Super lightweight 90gsm panels with 37.5®️ cooling technology Stretch mesh sides for free movement and fresh air flow Low profile flatlock seams minimise chafing Reflective elements help you run safe at night Composition: 91% Cocona White, 9% polyester

T8 Men's Iced Tee 冰感跑步運動衣

價格自 HK$128.00
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