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Quest™ Chocolate Protein Shakes are the creamiest, most delicious way to drink your protein without piling on the carbs. These satisfying protein shakes are bursting with chocolate flavor and have the sweetness you crave. Try the tempting shake that's got 30g of protein and 4g of carbs.

  • ON A QUEST. Great taste and athlete-worthy nutrition for everyone.
  • BIG TASTE. BIG NUTRITION*. Quest protein shakes provide all the creamy, satisfying taste you are looking for in a chocolate shake, but ours also have 30g of protein and 4g of carbs per serving.
  • CREAMY PROTEIN. Quest protein shakes are a good source of dairy-based proteins.
  • DELICIOUS FLAVOR. A protein drink that's been sweetened to perfection.
  • READY TO DRINK. Take them with you in your backpack, purse, car console, gym bag or wherever your adventures take you.


What's your Quest? Ours is to support you with delicious, athlete-worthy nutrition. We use only quality ingredients to give you great-tasting food that isn't packed with sugar and carbs. So our innovative, protein-forward recipes aren't just for athletes to enjoy - they're for everyone!

Disclaimers: *See nutrition facts for calories content.

Due to global supply chain issues, Quest™ recently reformulated some of its products to contain vegetable oil including soybean which is considered an allergen. The small amount contained within the product will not change the quality, flavor or texture of the product. We remain committed to using the high-quality dairy-based proteins to help give you the amino acids you need.

Quest Protein Shake Chocolate 325ml

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