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Mag-on Granuated Power 成份是水溶性配方200mg鎂,可以直接服用,入口後約5秒,就能將200mg水溶性鎂讓身體吸收,即時援解抽筋等不適。


The immediate magnesium source for post-sweating activities such as triathlon, marathon, trail running, mountaineering, cycling and swimming. Also useful for replenishment during physical exertion. Recommended for general maintenance, pre-race conditioning, and daily sports supplementation. Contains 70% magnesium phosphates for bone health and 30% in muscle form, plus 1% in blood. Commonly used for recovery after exercise and for magnesium supplementation. Nutrition Facts: Serving size 3.7 g, 11.1 kcal, 0.409 g protein, 0 g fat, 2.9 g carbs, 0.1-1 mg sodium, 200 mg magnesium.

Mag-On Granuated Power (8 Sticks)

價格自 HK$20.00
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