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It is essential that players take to the pitch with the confidence and determination that puts off their opposition. This sureness can only be illustrated if players have the right technology to defend the body to the max. This is why Gilbert have designed the Synergie Viper Mouthguard.

This pre-contoured shield acts to aid the players defence against every hit, ensuring they can stand up to the test of the world’s toughest players. With extra wall thickness, the mouthguard acts to minimise trauma to the jaw and skull and reduce the chances of injury.

The boil and bite method is quick and efficient so players can use their mouthguard as soon as possible after purchase as well as being tailored specifically to their teeth.

Aesthetically, the Synergie Viper Mouthguard provides a stylish viper design available in: red/black, black/white, pink/white, green/white or blue/white and is suitable for players ranging from junior to elite level. Sizes are available in junior and senior so everyone has the opportunity to experience the Synergie Viper on the field.

Gilbert Mouthguard (Junior)

價格自 HK$49.00
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