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展示你的 T8 這款BOCO Technical Trucker的設計是為了讓你的愛更多。 結合了卡車司機帽子的外觀和態度,但考慮到了性能。

你可以訓練、比賽或使用這款羽量級的卡車帽進行日常活動;這取決於你Technical Trucker 帽子有一個高性能的排汗帶,可以在任何活動中移動水分,使你保持舒適。


Show your T8 love with this BOCO Technical Trucker®, that was designed to combine the look and attitude of a trucker hat but with performance in mind.


You can train, race or use this lightweight trucker for everyday activity; it's up to you! The Technical Trucker® hat has a performance wicking sweatband that will move moisture to keep you comfortable during any activity.

-Performance front panels with curved bill

-Wicking internal sweatband

-Mesh side and back panels

-Adjustable plastic snap back closure

-One size fits most

-Hand wash or take it in the shower after your workout

BOCO Technical Trucker

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