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食用後可迅速提供身體運用,即使在長時間運動的後半階段,也能持續發揮效果!堅持到最後一 秒!最適合馬拉松、自行車、籃球及足球等耐力型運動的能量補給品!





食用方法: *運動或比賽前30分鐘補充,保持體力充沛 *



成分: 水、糊精、糊精、DL-胺基丙酸、檸檬酸、L-脯胺酸、洋菜、香料、檸檬酸鈉、刺槐豆膠、塔拉膠、醋磺內酯鉀(甜味劑)、維生素B2 過敏原資訊:本產品含有大豆及其製品。


Aminovital Perfect Energy Jelly (130g)

庫存單位: 4901001189465
價格自 HK$22.00
  • Ajinomoto Japan is developed with unique amino acid ingredients (alanine + proline) and carbohydrates, which can effectively supplement the energy needed by the body!

    After supplementation, the body can be used quickly, and the effect can be sustained even in the latter half of long-term exercise! Hold on to the last second!

    The most suitable energy supplement for endurance sports such as marathon, cycling, basketball and football!

    Energy + amino acid (alanine + carbohydrate) 5,000mg
    Grapefruit flavor

    How to use:

    • Supplement 30 minutes before exercise or competition to maintain energy
    • Supplement in the middle and back of exercise, quickly replenish energy

    Allergen Information: This product contains soy and its products. This product line also produces products containing mango, milk, gluten grains, and soybean raw materials.

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