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The Venti™ sunglasses boast a timeless, sporty design that is always in vogue. Featuring a rubber grip, they offer exceptional hold, even during rigorous physical activities when you're perspiring heavily. The lenses provide comprehensive coverage, shielding your entire field of vision. Accredited by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), the UV400 protection ensures that your eyes are well-guarded against harmful rays. Experience a more detailed and clear view of the world around you with our TrueView Optics (TVO™) technology, which enhances color and contrast. With TVO™ lenses, you'll enjoy a more vibrant and authentic visual experience. Our Seawater Resistance Coating is a groundbreaking innovation that not only endures the harsh oceanic environment but also persists through sweat without peeling or fading. In addition, our frames come with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing years of enjoyment with your Venti™ sunglasses.

Size: Front 15.2 cm, Height 6.2 cm, Arms 15.5 cm

2nu Venti™

價格自 HK$839.00
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