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Sweat it out guilt-free, knowing you're not harming the environment
Compact and easy to carry, perfect for spontaneous activities and hectic schedules
Packed with a refreshing cooling effect to help you stay fresh and comfortable
CAMPING & GLAMPING TRIPS, where access to water and showers may be limited
WORKOUTS & SPORTS TRAINING, to quickly freshen up and remove sweat and dirt
HYGIENE SOLUTIONS FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH LIMITED MOBILITY, providing instant and localized cleansing, particularly suitable for those under nursing care
BACKPACKING & LONG-HAUL TRAVELING, where a quick refresh is needed during long stretches of travel.
* Biodegradable tissue made from 100% biodegradable plant fibres
* Extra large size of 32 x 28cm for better coverage
* Extra wet and moisturizing to keep skin hydrated
* Mint refresh and cool feeling for a refreshing sensation
* Honeycomb texture wipes provide a body massage feel
* Non-alcohol, no MIT, no parabens, herbal ingredients, skin-friendly with Vitamin E and antibacterial properties
* Individual packages make it easy to carry and wipe your body after sporting, and outdoor activities, or in the absence of water.
*This product has passed the SGS test

ZB Biodegradable Refreshing Body Wipe

PriceFrom HK$8.00
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