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- 複方有機植物油,質地透薄,滋潤皮膚

- 天然梔子花香

- 6個月以上小童及成人適用

- 6小時效用,全身適用

- 已通過庫蚊、白紋伊蚊、蜱蟲測試

- 含PMD 3.5%及香茅精油,不含DEET或酒精成分

- 法國製造


-Our dry oil formula has been enriched with vitamin E and organic plant oils (coconut, jojoba and sweet almond) renowned for their moisturizing and nourishing properties, as well as with highly concentrated extracts of shea butter and liquorice to soothe and repair the skin.

-Long lasting efficacy, 6 hours proven efficacy against Culex & tiger mosquitoes as well as ticks

-Dermatologically tested - No animal testing

-Hydractiv-Complex technology boosts the protective effect of the mosquito and tick repellent formula thanks to the synergy between its repellent ingredient and moisturizing coconut extracts.

PARAKITO SPRAY 75ML Moisturizing Dry Oil防蟲驅蚊噴霧 - 保濕潤膚乾油 [75ml]

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