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Our Campsite

Greenobo Greenobo Camp is located in Tai Tong, Yuen Long, adjacent to Lai Chi Villa and Tai Tong Country Park. It covers an area of 80,000 square feet. The camping area can accommodate about 200 people. There are also several forest houses and 4 campers. There are food refrigerators, toilets for men and women, and hot and cold shower facilities in the camp.

Plenty of parking spaces etc.

Located in Tai Tong, Yuen Long, adjacent to the Lai Chi Shan Village and Tai Tong Country Park, covering an area of 80,000 square feet, the campsite can accommodate approximately 200 people. Additionally, there are multiple forest cabins and four camping vehicles av ailable. The campsite is equipped with food refrigerators, male and female toilets, and cold and hot water shower facilities, as well as ample parking spaces.

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